VTE 216N2V02 Terminal Boot Insulation Cover Pack of 4 Red


The VTE 216N2V02 terminal insulator is made from PVC, it is designed to protect terminal connections from short circuits. The 216 series are designed to look good as well as give protection to your electronics. This item is for a set of 4 red covers. 

Using this terminal cover allows you to comply with ABYC E-9, USCG 33 Subpart I and ISO 10133 standards.

Cable Terminal Cover Overview:

Cable Entry Size: 7.6mm (Cable Gauges 8-2)

Terminal Outside Diameter: 16mm

Terminal Length: 25.4mm

Overall Height: 21.8mm

Overall Length: 58.9mm

Inside Grip Diameter: 12.7mm

Maximum Operating Temperature: 105°C

Brittle Temperature: -44°C

Nominal Material Thickness: 1.52mm