Tractor & Trailer Charging System


These items are bespoke to your needs. Price is available on application. Please contact us for details.

The Trailer Battery Charger and Tractor Split Charge systems have been developed to ensure a quick and complete regulated charge of the trailer batteries.

  • Quick, easy installation Complete balanced system.
  • User friendly with visual LEDs.
  • Bespoke systems available

Using latest technology, the Tractor Split Charge system supplies power via twin cable from the tractor battery to the dedicated ISO socket and suzi which are mounted on a heavy duty bracket with a park socket. Inside the IP56 rated Tractor Split Charge system, the Adesas Automatic Contactor ensures power is available when it sees a charging voltage and disconnects when the charging voltage is removed. This is shown by a visible LED.

The Adesas special safety feature protects against arcing on the suzi.The Trailer Battery Charger contains the Adesas DC Chargers, these compensate for any voltage drops caused by long cable runs, utilizing their special charging regime with a controlled current. Each charger is rated at 12A and can be supplied either singularly or paralleled together to give up to 36AA secondary charger system is available using the supplementary socket and normal socket for charging up to an extra 24A. This is very useful when upgrading / converting existing fleets.

Twin core cabling is supplied for installation.A remote status panel with LEDs is supplied, to be housed in the running light recess at the front of the trailer, ideal for gate security and diagnostic capabilities, each LED shows charger on and power available when lit. Parts are mounted on quality 1mm or 2mm 304 St/St laser cut with suitable holes for a quick installation.

Each system can be bespoke to suit your situation. Ideal for new build or retrofit on existing fleets.