Sentinel Tail Lift Battery Guard


These items are bespoke to your needs. Price is available on application. Please contact us for details.

The Adesas Sentinel Tail Lift Battery Power Guard has been developed to ensure that the Driver / Operator never compromises the engine start batteries, by using the tail lift to a point, where there is insufficient charge to restart the vehicle. Also prevents use of tail lift from flattening batteries.

  • Fully automatic, no Driver / Operator intervention required.
  • Automatically adapts to the battery capacity it is connected to.
  • Adesas Sentinel low voltage protection unit.
  • Albright contactor.
  • Mega fuse protection.
  • Green power on LED
  • Internal red LED for simple safe diagnostics (technicians aid)
  • Supplied complete with heavy duty cables.
  • Gewiss enclosure is IP56 rated.
  • Easy quick installation.
  • With the engine stopped and the tail lift in use the external green LED is on, indicating power is available to the tail-lift.

During the operation of the tail lift the Sentinel unit monitors both load voltage and duration, giving consideration to the task being performed. At a pre-determined threshold the Sentinel will isolate the tail lift, the green LED goes out, leaving sufficient capacity in the battery to restart the vehicle..

If the Driver / Operator still requires to use the tail lift, once it has been isolated, all that is needed is to start the engine and let it run for a short while to allow the battery(s) to charge. The Sentinel automatically resets and the protection process starts again.

The Adesas Sentinel low voltage protection unit has a red LED for diagnostics.

The unit is mounted on a bespoke 304 st/st laser cut plate with suitable holes for a quick installation.

24v or 12v units are available

Bespoke systems are available we will tailor the system to fit your vehicle either for build on line or retrofit.