Low Voltage Protection – Full Isolation


The Adesas Sentinel Low Voltage Protection has been developed to ensure that the Driver / Operator never compromises the engine start batteries, by leaving any loads on, to a point, where there is insufficient power to restart the vehicle.

  •  No more stranded vehicles.
  • No more roadside calls.
  • Can prevent batteries going flat by isolating loads at a pre-determined threshold.
  • Simple reset push button with LED.
  • Automatically adapts to the battery capacity it is connected to.
  • Easy installation.

With the engine stopped and loads left on, the Adesas Sentinel unit monitors both load voltage and duration.

At a pre-determined point the system will isolate. Once isolation has taken place the green LED on the reset push button will come on and remain on until the system is reconnected. A simple push of the reset button re-connects the system. When the voltage is above the pre-determined threshold, the green LED light will go out.

Keeping it simple.

Green LEDON      =          Batteries disconnected from loads

Green LED OFF    =          Batteries connected – power available.

24v or 12v units are available.

Bespoke systems are available – we will tailor the system to fit your vehicle either for build on line or retrofit.

British made and fully serviceable.