Galvanic Isolator




Why do I need a Galvanic Isolator? If you connect to shore power and your boat conforms to current CE standards, the shore power earth wire will be connected to your boat’s bonding system. When you are moored next to¬†another boat or even a metal object, a circuit is formed through the conductive water a small current will flow between them – this is the conductive path. It is the conductive path of two dissimilar metals which causes the corrosion. Each metal has a different rate of corrosion on the galvanic scale with anionic metals like zinc and magnesium being the most corrosive and cathodic metals like gold being the least.

So what can we do? We break the conductive path by fitting a Galvanic Isolator. This is fitted in-line with the green earth cable inside the boat. This stops any galvanic flow and corrosion of your boat.

Our Galvanic isolator’s specifications:

  • Suitable for use with any RCD protected shorepower outlets up to 50 Amps.
  • Working voltage: Shorepower 115V AC / 230V AC 50-60Hz


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